All MHC Services feature punctual appointments,with no waiting and a relaxed, confidential atmosphere. Doctor consultations without the rush – a completely new concept in medical service.

  • Physical Exam

    A 1 1/2 service including:

    • a 45 minute health assessment interview with your personal physician
    • a thorough medical risk evaluation
    • family medical history review
    • blood pressure check
    • physical exam
    • EKG
    • urinalysis
    • colon cancer test
    • visual exam
    • hearing test
    • weight and body fat analysis
    • skin cancer check, mole or skin tag removal
    • blood draw

    We also provide: Sports Physicals, Scouts Physicals, Missionary Physicals. FAA-Flight Physicals, Pre-Marital Physicals

  • Problem Focused Visit

    You determine the amount of time you that you would like to spend with the doctor to discuss your health concerns.

  • Anti-Aging Therapy (testosterone replacement therapy)

    This therapy helps you to overcome the symptoms of experiencing tiredness, loss of libido, poor erections, loss of muscle, mood swings and irritability.

  • Cryotherapy

    Cryotherapy refers to a treatment in which surface skin lesions are frozen.  Liquid nitrogen is used more often than carbon dioxide snow or other cryogens.  The most common lesions treated with cryotherapy are:  Solar keratoses, viral warts, seborrhoeic keratoses (senile warts) etc.

  • High Blood Pressure Treatment

    Early detection of high blood pressure (hypertension). The longer high blood pressure goes undetected and untreated, the higher your risk of heart attack, stroke, heart failure, and kidney damage.

    ABPM/24 hour blood pressure monitoring

    • Includes 2 Doctor’s visits and a report with your results
  • On-Site Blood Draws

    Blood draws by the doctor to check cholesterol levels, psa, liver function,blood count, thyroid, testosterone,  etc…

  • Body Mass Index and Fat Analysis

    Determines where someone falls on a scale of height and weight proportions.  People who are overweight are more likely to have type II diabetes, high blood pressure and risk factor for other diseases.

  • Cholesterol Lowering Therapy

    Cholesterol tests evaluate the level of cholesterol in your blood.  Heart disease is the No. 1 killer among men in the USA.  Undesirable levels of cholesterol raise your risk of heart attack and stroke.

  • Depression

    Depression is one of the most serious and common of all mental disorders.  Besides a depressed mood or loss of pleasure, symptoms of depression may include appetite and sleep changes, apathy, fatigue, hopelessness, guilt, loss of concentration, and thoughts of suicide.

  • Allergies

    Allergies pose a significant and serious health problem in this country.  An allergic reaction occurs whenever the immune system overreacts to a seemingly harmless substance.  Know as allergens, these substances include pollen, mold, house dust, mites, animal saliva and dander feathers, certain foods and drugs, and insect stings. Allergens are usually absorbed into the body by way of the skin, nasal passages, lungs, or digestive tract.

  • Arthrocentesis

    Arthrocentesis can be helpful in relieving joints swelling a pain.  Occasionally, cortisone medications are injected into the joint during the arthrocentesis in order to rapidly relieve joint inflammation and further reduce symptoms.

  • Guaiac Cards

    Fecal occult blood testing is done to detect blood in the stool.  It may be done to evaluate some intestinal conditions or to screen for colorectal cancer, which affects the large intestine and the rectum.

  • Vaccinations (certain vaccinations for travel itineraries can be special ordered)

    • Hep A & B
    • Pneumococcus
    • Tetanus
    • Shingles
    • Flu
  • Impotence Therapy

    Treatment for impotence often involves medications.  ED is a medical condition, and is more common than you think.  Drugs to treat ED should be used with caution in some men.  If you think you might have ED, there’s something you can do.  Ask your doctor about treatment.

  • Foot/Nail Care

    Age-specific changes to the foot such as yellowing of the toe nail can be problems that should be reported and treated.  Tell your doctor about any specific concern or problem.