Are you tired of... rushed appointments? impersonal service? waiting rooms?

A Whole New Concept In Men’s Health

The Men’s Health Center in Salt Lake City offers a health care concept engineered exclusively for men by medical experts. Managing your health is our mission and we take pride in offering better service at a doctor’s office.

Our clients want to use their time at the doctor’s office effectively, prevent health problems before they start and avoid the pitfalls of “managed” care. Our approach is to personalize your health service and positively impact your health. Early detection and early treatment of health problems are the cornerstones of our strategy.

The MHC medical team has years of experience treating common conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, impotence, and high cholesterol. We also offer weight control programs, hormone replacement and treatment of sleep problems/psychological issues. We aggressively screen for heart disease and cancer.

We have one clear goal: to identify and treat your personal health risks. And our medical service is tailored especially to men. Come experience the MHC difference.

We believe there is no more important investment than your health!